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Where to purchase 2011 Forester Engine

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Hey all, I'm currently replacing the engine in a family members 2011 Forester. It is the non-XT model, and the car has around 132,000 miles on it. It is out of range for the extended oil warranty from Subaru. Currently, all that is left is to pull the engine off the trans and put in a replacement.

I've been looking around for used engines and I'm just a bit wary on where I buy from due to the nature of purchasing something used. I've been looking at A and A auto on Ebay, but doing a Google search shows plenty of 5 star reviews from accounts with 1 review, and negative reviews from accounts with more than 1 review.

Are there any places to source an engine that would be a safer bet than the others? I searched around and couldn't find any threads on where to buy from...if there are any feel free to direct me to them. I attached photos of the engine codes I figured were important.


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