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Where to get battery tested for current CCA output?

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I was planning to replace the battery as wifey complained that it takes a little work to crank up the car in the morning (NYC outskirts). I assumed the battery is dying, 4 years, a lot of short trips on cold mornings. Went to autozone and it showed voltage as 12.7V (vehicle not running). His unit only said, replace the battery, but I wanted to know how much CCA is the current output. He could not check that.

Any place that checks it for free?

Thanks in advance.
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SOLAR BA9 40-1200 CCA Digital Battery and System Tester

I love it. It told me two suspect batteries have expired and a new battery is delivering more power than rated.
Any of the chain auto parts stores (Advance, O'Reilly's, Auto Zone, etc) should do an electrical system test for free. It checks the starting current draw, alternator voltage output and battery CCA.
The stock battery is also junk to begin with. I want to say at best they are only 330 CCA.
That is correct
With these batteries...if you even suspect it's a very likely is. They are junk. Even though the 2018's got a slightly better battery I replaced it before it ever became an issue...the stress of being stranded is worth a lot more to me than the cost of a better battery.
Any AutoZone
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