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Where can I get a new transmission and not get charged $1,800-$2,200?

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I have a 2003 Forester that has a problem shifting (primarily downshifting). Subaru told me it would be $1,800 for a remanufactured trans or $2,200 for a new one.

Does anyone have any solutions that won't kill my wallet?
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@03_Loof That seems normal unless you go to wreckers!

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A shop in our area rebuilds them for over 2000...
So it's a fair cost

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If you don't mind DIY and used, you can find them as low as 450$ with about 75k miles through some of the reputable parts houses.
yeah used trans aren't as much as used engine cause there are alot of them Auto Parts Market

Got my replacement FXT transmission for a good price by searching that site. Good luck.
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