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Who's got 'em?
Seen a couple of Impreza's but not many FXTs.
I've been thinking about white wheels on my Regal Blue FXT. I know they'll be a pain to keep looking clean, but something about it is appealing to me.

Something a little concave would be sweet!

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2007 Forester Sports XT 4EAT (sold)
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That white-white is amazing! :p
The green one is nice, too.

What are spats?
Spats are an "aero" body adornment. They go sort of where mudflaps would usually go but look more streamlined. Unfortunately, they've never been made for the US market so you have to get them from Japan ($$$). The black Forester above has a set on it.

You can see some good side pics here:
I think they look sweet - if I had lots of extra moolah I would totally rock a set.
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