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2018 Forester XT CVT
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Hi folks:
Newbie to this very informative site having just purchased an '18 Forester XT in December, which I love BTW! Looking for some advise on some winter tires and wheels that I came across on CL.
There is a set of 4 x 17" Michelin snows on FDR rims. Tire size is 225/60/17 which, after reading other posts, should fit my XT, rather than the stock 225/55/R18's. The ad states that the wheels will fit both 5x100 and 5x114 bolt patterns and the wheels seems to have multiple mounting holes (pic attached) to fit either dimension. The seller sez the wheels are off his 2011 Forester and I'm assuming I should have no trouble.
Comments, please, on anything that I should be wary of, many thanks!


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