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Wheel setup 18xt

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I’ve been doing a bunch of research but can’t seem to find all the answers. Looking for a new setup on my 18xt with stock height and no rubbing.

Curious if any of these setups would work or if you have a better option

Stock wheel setup is 18x7.5+48 225/55/18
Looking at
17x7.5+30 225/65/17
18x8.5+45 235/55/18 or 245/55/18

Best option for the off-road look on stock height? Any feedback would be great
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Stock wheels are 18 X 7 +48.

235/55R18 will work, you can find pictures of those on here. 245/55R18 will probably fit but that's more than 3% larger in diameter, throwing off your speedometer.

You can play around with different sizes here:

If you are going with an AT tire than you probably want to maintain a 60 or better series sidewall which really means going with a 17" wheel. A 225/60R17 tire would be a good choice, like the Continental TerrainContact A/T.
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