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2010 Forester XT Automatic
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I have had my 2004 FXT for just over a month now. I picked it up in Philly, so there is a pretty substantial amount of rust and corrosion.

I've started to notice over the weekend that I have a very nasty rubbing sound coming from the passenger front wheel when turning to the left. The noise becomes exponentially louder the harder I turn. IT does not occur while stopped and turning which makes me think it's not the CV boot or steering rack in general. I have pushed the brake heat shield back as well, but the noise still occurs.

I'm thinking this is the Right-front wheel bearing, which leads me to my next question. I am replacing the struts and steering rack in the next few weeks, so I am thinking that I should just go all-in and replace the hubs while I am at it. Is my logic off on this? I figure if everything is off anyways... replace the corroded parts with new?

Also, would there be any benefit to just replacing the wheel bearings vs. replacing the whole hub assembly?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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