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2007 Forester XS
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hey every1

my name is stu, im from brisbane australia and im a new "fozzie head"
ive not owned a foz b4, but i recently bought a stock 07 XS from my uncle and have fallen in love with it!

so far i have had the new advanti demon 18's (sweet looking rims :p) fitted but im looking to find out more about lowering and exhaust at this stage. and maybe performance mods and stereo later on.

have had a bit of a browse through here and all of you guys have sweet rides! so good job :-D

thanks for the intro space an i cant wait to talk tech with you

cheers, stu


2007 Forester Sports XT 4EAT
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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Congratulations on your Forester purchase! From your avatar, it looks like a nice looking Forester. :wink:

You can view my '07 FSXT here. It might give you an idea on what MODs you might want to do to your ride. :smile:

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