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2004 FXT 5MT
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Wheel Tire Automotive side marker light Automotive parking light Car

Automotive parking light Car Automotive tail & brake light Tire Automotive side marker light

Car Plant Vehicle Grille Tire

Car Vehicle White Automotive lighting Hood

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Automotive parking light Vehicle

Mirror Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Window

Automotive tire Automotive design Hood Motor vehicle Bumper

Mileage: 169,800 at time of posting
Why I am thinking about selling: want a new car and want to do less project work because I am getting much busier in my life. I put a TON of TLC into this.

This is a Texas Foz, so, NO RUST. I have tried to keep the mods very low-key, closer to stock, and tried not build an over-the-top ticking time bomb. Many mods are structural and were put in place for durability and longevity. I have not put any exhaust mods (besides uppipe) and turbo is stock. I have/had plans to do the usual stuff with a turboback, VF turbo and bigger intercooler, but hasn't happened yet. That's the first thing I'd do next.

Last year, October 2020, I did a significant overhaul. The engine came out, I had the heads redone entirely, and I inspected and re-finished the short block (almost bought a new one just to completely restore the car, but it was in good condition). Most hoses were replaced and many internals such as sensors, o-rings, gaskets, and bolts. I spent about $13,000 and had professional assistance (a private mechanic helped me rebuild).

October 2021:
New brake pads and rotors for all four wheels
New Douglas tires (4)
Minor repairs to interior and gas filler neck

Work done since 2017:
A/C compressor (2018)
Power steering pump (2018)
Shift stick bushings (2017)
Shifter bushings (2017)
Shift linkage (2018)
Timing belt (gates racing, 2020)
Timing belt engine covers (2017)
Wheels (2018 still OEM, painted black, original wheels suffered some loose hub-incurred injuries)
O2 Sensor (2017- front, passenger wheel well)
Clutch @ 160,000mi (2020)
Rear hatch trim with branding (2019)
C-Pillar side trim (2019)
Miscellaneous interior parts refresh
Headlight and fog light housing is aftermarket & refinished by hand (full wet sanded and waxed because cheap sealant was already peeling)
Accessory belt (2020)
Engine thermostat (2020)
Oil pan (2017)
Turbo oil return hose (2017)
Rear passenger bearing (2018)
Intercooler air-intake duct (2018, needs replacing)
AVCS Solinoid (2018)
Coolant hose kit from Mishimoto (2020)
Idler pulley bearing replaced (2020 OEM)
The battery is 2019, treated for corrosion Nov 2021
Spark plugs (2020, ruthenium, lasts 200k)
Full suspension replacement. Bushings, cv axel, links, tie rods, etc. (2020)
AC parts replaced and leaks sealed + recharged. (2020 new condenser, drier, o-rings)
Vapor cannister (2020)
Fuel filter changed (2020)
More stuff that I can't think of, lots of little replacements

Quick-release racing steering wheel (D-shaped, horn does work)
TGV delete
Cobb AP V3 with custom map I made for TGV delete (to fix the TGV DTC)
Gasket port match in/ex
+1mm valves, new guides, reseated and lashed by the machine shop
Gates timing belt kit with water pump @ 160,000
Cobb short ram air intake
Performance hoses (MISHIMOTO)
MISHIMOTO radiator
ARP head studs (for durability over head bolts)
Turbo timer (this was installed before I owned it)
Sony XAV-AX100 touch stereo with iPhone Carplay and Android Auto
ACT StreetLite Flywheel
GrimmSpeed Catless Uppipe
Resistor mod for uppipe CEL fix
Kartboy Short shifter
Delrin heavy shift knob black
Redline Goods nappa leather boots (shift, ebrake)
Custom grille (DIY fabrication using OEM grill, grill, and OEM ornament. Painted black.)
Trailer hitch & ball by Texan Hitch
PWJDM Password wheel locks
Kartboy rear lockdown bolts (incl., never installed)

Other Features:
Full OEM rim spare
Optional full spare donut
No major dents or dings. Very few minor dings.

Current Issues:
  • The paint is in overall decent condition but has trouble spots. It has a keying that I touched up and polished but still shows up close. Scratches and nicks. Overall looks nice enough but could use a paint job.
  • The interior has some spots that could use touching up. The carpet is not great, but it is covered up by mats.

If you go through my post history you'll see that the AC used to not work but I fixed it about 10K mi ago still running strong. The engine bay makes a weird noise sometimes, but it is not serious (verified through Cobb AP logs at WOT) and it has not caused any noticeable issues for over a year now. I think it may be throttle-body-related. That's really about it, I've ironed out everything else.

Oil changed every 3000 mi. Originally was using Rotella T6 but switched to Mobil 1 Full Synthetic

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2004 FXT 5MT
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You’re right, I’m finding that most would want the airbag back. Ok, it should be pretty easy for me to switch it back to a $40 eBay OEM. My old one I stripped the leather off because it was crusty, and then I think I threw it away because I can’t find it.

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2004 FXT 5MT
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$9k is not bad, it's about what I paid for it to begin with though. What if I fixed the exterior paint issues? I just re-did the shift bezel which had a bit of a messy 3M wrap on it, now it is flat black paint, sanded, and pretty clean looking.
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