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Ok, I'm stuck. :icon_frown: I can not for the life of me, or my patience, get the driveshaft to reseat in the transmission. I have an '01 Forester S, with characteristic whine, that I've pulled out to replace with a rebuilt '99 unit. Everything's in except the rear shaft/exhaust. I see two symmetrical flats in the driven pinion of the driveshaft, but no matching flats on the output shaft of either transmission. It starts to go in, and then stops dead. I tried using a brass hammer to move it, and all that did was stick it good.

HELP It's gonna be a hundred degrees on that concrete in short order!

-runnamukk in MD

ADDENDUM: Used the donor driveshaft, and a bigger hammer. Hope I didn't bugger the output pinion bushing. Note: both shafts fit smoothly into the '01 trans. Pray for me me boyos.
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