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We switched from Toyota to Subarus over the past few years. No reason - just wanted something different. I got some sticker shock when I found the Subaru Gold Plus cost about 30% more than a compar Toyota Platinum Plus...but we sucked it up for our 2016 CrossTrek and bought it. I just got a Legacy and noted the same Gold Plus jumped up $200 more since 2016! Yes I bought from the Connecticut dealer mentioned in these forums for the best price possible---great guy. Now I got something on the mail about them extending the tranny coverage to 10/100.

1) I am wondering if a major portion of the $1200 8/80 warranty I just got is now covered by default. Is the warranty really worth $1200 with this new coverage? Should I cancel the contract? . We do keep our cars 8 years or so....

2) On the other hand, Why is Subaru doing this? Are their tranny issues? I know they had (????) oil consumption issues but I thought they fixed all that a few years back? There are engine issues with the WRX...but I don't have one of those. What's up with the tranny?
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