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What to replace at 100k miles?

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I have a 2005 Subaru Forester X with 99,000 miles. I do my own maintenance and only had to visit Subaru dealership for some recalls and when the exhaust pipe broke at the weld seam in the spring after all the salt on the road(fixed under warranty).

I changed engine oil, oil filters, coolant, power steering fluid, battery, ATF, differential fluid, front brake disks, roters, brake fluid and spark plugs. I recently had a safety inspection and I was told that the shoes on the rear drums have about 10k life left(I never changed them).

What should I replace at 100k miles? Timing belt, water pump and what else? I plan to keep my car until at least 200k. My last car was an Oldsmobile Delta 88 that I bought for $2000 at 100k and drove until it failed safety inspection at 250k.
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Do you have an owners / service manual? If so it will tell you what is needed, depending of course on whether you have previously been following the servicing schedule.

Servicing schedules also change depending on location so:

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Make sure you replace idlers and tensioner.

Consider the radiator
Idler bearing below AC compressor

How do the HG's look. As long as no coolant there, you are ok. Enen one drop of coolant dictates HG's need replaced.

Its likely your passenger rear bearing will go at some point.

I wend through all those things but now at 190K miles my granddaughter has it. In around 130K miles it will be ready for another timing belt, etc

Worth putting in the bucks. Mine is an 08.
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Bleed new brake fluid into the system. And your rear brake shoes have ALOT more time left than 10K miles.

Regarding a rear wheel bearing going out, you may still have alot of time on them but you may not. IMO I would start spraying the long lateral link bolt where it inserts through the hub and where it inserts into the lateral link bushings. That bolt is known to stick in the bushings and be a real PITA to remove when time for wheel bearing replacement. Just anytime you are under there, or checking your rear brakes, give it a shot of penetrant.
Brake fluid for sure, and you may want to change the thermostat while you are doing the timing belt/water pump.
Check both the front and rear wheel bearings. On my son's '02 the rear bearings started to fail after about 140k miles and 14 years. The estimates to fix ran to about $ 2500 as the axle also rusts (he was living in VT/ME) and it would have been a much bigger job than just taking the hub off. We (me) did the fronts at about 90k, but I never even thought about the rears until too late. He sold that car to a kid who was in an autoshop program at local CC and the buyer ended up replacing the whole rear end from a junker as it was easier and cheaper than trying to fix. I saw the kid last year in a parking lot. He was still driving the car which now had over 190k miles. It is a MT.
Thanks all for the great info!
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