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2002 Forester Automatic
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I've been shopping for a used Forester to replace our current '02. I'm looking for 05-08 because my wife and I don't like the crossover bodystyle.

I looked at an 05 XT yesterday at a Subaru mechanic's shop. Low miles for year, ran well, drove well, no leaks, no bad rust... but as I'm examining the vehicle I look under the passenger seat and there's a disconnected end of wiring harness that comes from the center console. The underside of the seat is plain with no evidence of it being heated. It was harder to see under the drivers seat but it did look like there was some kind of module underneath. Then I notice the seat adjustments are manual on the passenger while the driver is electric. You may ask, "why didn't you just flip the switch and see if it heats up, dummy?" Well the car was parked with the passenger seat in the sun, and it's black leather so it was already hot, and I honestly couldn't tell if it was getting hotter.

So I ask the seller if he has a non-heated passenger seat in there. He says he "doesn't know anything about that." I believe if he really didn't know anything about that he would have said something like "let me check that out for you."

So what do you think? Was this guy full of *****? What should I see if I look under a heated seat?
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