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I noticed the VIN number request at local Chevy dealer as well. Went in for a 2002 tuner radio button, now think about this, same button Chevy (Government Motors has used for years in all their brands) and even though it was the low low price of $17.00:mob:, they parts person knew the part, he wouldn't sell it to me without a VIN.

In this case, it was clear the parts program(s) the service people are using is a poorly written software app(s). No cross referencing etc. And I do have a degree of empathy for the service people, however I can't help but be concerned that with a VIN number my personal information can be obtained by unscrupulous individuals.

I asked the parts person how my personal information is protected in their system and I received a blank look that would have thwarted any lie detector machine. The manager came over and gave me some interesting line about data backups, system security and when I asked him just one simple question what it is they are doing with my VIN number? I receved the 101 answer to make sure you have the correct part. OK, but why is my VIN number stored with my name if I use a credit card? Even a cash buyer needs a vin number was the answer. So....I didn't use a credit card, pard $17.00 plus tax on a part that was worth maybe four cents and felt the presence of George Orwell as I left the building.

Having witnessed my friend spend over 60K just to get his credit back from identity theft and having knowledge of data system security, I have become a bit more watchful on who has my personal information. How it is stored and will take extra effort to find a part number prior to a part purchase.
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