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What is this sound?

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So I have been dealing with the rattle-esque sound ever since I bought the car, figuring it would be a simple solution. I took out this thing (is it the heater core?) and cleaned it, hoping that would fix it, and as you can see, it looks almost new.

It didn't work. It did stop the rattle on "4" for my HVAC, but the sound was still there on "2" and "3". So I replaced my cabin air filter, hoping that would fix it. It didn't.
So here is a video with the sound, and I appreciate any advice/help you can offer me.
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On "2" it allmost sounds like a little subaru on idle. But i would assume the bearing in the fan motor. Unless there is some serious leaf or something down there...
Haha it kind of does! :biggrin: Nah there is nothing in the actual fan. I hope its not a bearing. These things aren't cheap to replace. You wouldn't happen to know compatibility of these things (07 heater thing works with an 04)?
I know the HVAC controls from an SG9 are a direct swap to an SG5. not sure about other stuff.
Also, that's not the heater core. The heater core is a metal 'mini radiator in reverse'. It works like Air conditioning in reverse. Instead of using a fan to pull heat off the liquid making it cold, it uses engine heat to make the liquid warm to blow into the cabin.
Ok, thanks for clarifying that. So what is the fan thing called? I'm pretty sure that is what's causing my problem.
That fan assembly is called the blower motor. It sounds to me like the blower is hitting the case somewhere, or the bearing in the bottom is bad. I have a home air purifier that sounds just like that, and I'm almost certain the bearings are dirty/shot.
When it's really cold outside, mine makes squeaks and rattles too just like yours. I have a replacement blower assembly from a parts car, just need to get in there and change it.
What year did you pull out the replacement? Same year or... There's a couple of 06's at the junkyard that I could get one, but I don't know if it will fit
All 03-08 are similar. I have 5 of them at work. Checked them out. They where all the same :)
All 03-08 are similar. I have 5 of them at work. Checked them out. They where all the same :)
Ah thank you!!!! :woohoo:
I checked it today and it is a loose bearing. Very happy to hear I can swap it on the cheap! Thanks again!
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