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What is L on gear next to D (drive)

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I was not sure where to post this. Sorry if it is in the wrong place. Thanks in advance.

We've always had a car with automatic plus lower shifting or paddles we use to safely brake in the snow. Our new 2019 Forester Premium does not seem to have that. But there is an L left of the D (drive)on the shifter. Is that the equivalent of down-shifting in snow or is it something else? Is there anything else to down-shifting for snow? (If this is in the manual, please advise where I can look.)
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Basically, it is low gear. It keeps the transmission in a lower gear range - think about first gear on a traditional automatic - and will only let you go so fast. When used in conjunction with xDrive - if you have it - it gives you a little bit more control and grip in low-traction situations.
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