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What is a Reasonable Price for Struts + Strut Spacers + Alignment?

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I have a Forester SG and I am shopping around for labor prices to install a lift kit. I have already purchased the kit, new struts, new top hats, new dust boots, camber bolts, and TA spacer. I am looking to get the struts changed out, the 1.5 inch strut spacers installed, and the body aligned. Most 4x4 or Subaru specialty shop prices are ranging from $800 to $1100. This seems a little steep for the job and it is almost something I would like to do myself minus A. I do not want to compress the springs, B. I do not want to install the camber and C. I definitely could not pull off a successful alignment. I understand that these are some of the things I would be paying for in "not wanting to do them".

Is it possible to take it to a place that doesn't market itself as a specialty shop and still does a good job on the install? I received a quote from a more general shop that works on suspensions components but has less experience with lifts and they charged $470 - which seems to be more of a reasonable price for the job. Let me know your thoughts and experiences with this. If it helps, I am located in the Northern California area near the Bay.
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In theory, if all the suspension components on a 10+ yr old vehicle unbolted nicely, $500 would probably work. $1000 in labor for a private shop seems right to me, but maybe its because i'm in the rust belt and once you touch anything with the rear suspension, you're looking at replacing a host of other parts.....
I installed everything by myself then drove up the road to an alignment shop which charged me around 140 including installation of camber bolts in the rear (i did not provide the camber bolts). Spring compression will be pretty easy on your saggy 10 year old springs, The pain was compressing my 1 inch lift springs to fit on the stock strut, still doable.
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