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What does the "Aha" app do?

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Having seen some reference to the "Aha" iPhone app here on the forum, I downloaded and installed it on my iPhone X before I got my 2019 Touring. Occasionally, while I'm in the car with CarPlay running, I see the phone spontaneously load the Aha app. However, I've never understood what the function of this app is. Does anyone know how CarPlay or STARLINK interacts with Aha?
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@copwriter Besides what is listed here Subaru |*Aha Radio I believe it is supposed to assist with over the air firmware updates if and ever that is turned on. To access the app you do not need Car Play. There is an Aha app on the head unit that uses the Aha app on the phone to pull down info such as news, music etc. I had it loaded and like you said it kept popping up and asking for permission to connect and seems like it was causing issues with Car Play so I ditched it. The little bit of poking around that I did I was not all that interested in what it had to offer so I removed it but your milage may vary.
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