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What does the "Aha" app do?

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Having seen some reference to the "Aha" iPhone app here on the forum, I downloaded and installed it on my iPhone X before I got my 2019 Touring. Occasionally, while I'm in the car with CarPlay running, I see the phone spontaneously load the Aha app. However, I've never understood what the function of this app is. Does anyone know how CarPlay or STARLINK interacts with Aha?
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Aha on my iPhone

I do use it on my 2018 Forester w/7" non nav. If you are into free music it's a yes/no some stations are full will play all songs i.e. 70's but has ads like in on air "free" stations. Some I found only played the same two songs and may repeat with two different ones the next day. I know this is an international forum but if you click on ABC News its from down under. The other news stations I played with is CBS and NPR but those are short with repeats and updated every hour. When I pick up my granddaughter while listing to the 70's music station she tells me to turn the news on :laugh:

Lou Cioccio
Updated the HU with a Kenwood 9904s Apple CarPlay vastly superior than the 7” infotainment that came with the car.
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