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What did you do to your subie today?

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Thought it would be fun to start a thread on everyday things we do here and there to our beloved Subarus. The weather is getting nicer, so I'm sure we will all be outside more tinkering on our cars.
(if this is a repost, please delete it)

Today has been a busy day for me! Got my Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 tires in yesterday from Tirerack for the Sti and had them mounted and balanced today by a real cool guy off of Nasioc. If anyone wants his info in the PNW PM me. He runs a legit business out of his home doing tire stuff n such, for a really good deal. But let me tell ya, these tires are STICKY!!! They pick up gravel everywhere but they are SOOOoo nice! It feels like a different car

When I got back from joyriding the STi in it's new tires, I washed the Forester (for the second time this week) and finally got around to hand waxing it. Looks pretty, but boy is there a lot of bumps and bruises on it!

What did you guys do to the subarus today?? :biggrin:
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Thusday: (actual)
Installed Brembos

Friday: (hopefully)
Pick up STI Hood scoop painted DGM

mover comes and takes her away to MI!
Installed STI Hood Scoop
Installed Subtle Splitter
Refilled Power Steering (oops used PS fluid not ATF Dexron)
Checked Tranny/diff levels (again)
Bleed brakes
Bench bleed master cylinder
Installed CRV Wheels with snow tires
Installed Subtle trunk brace
Installed rear seats
got an alignment

Installed snow tires on the hottest day of the year! Something is wrong with this picture.
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Used it to get me to a cliff face in Kalbarri and then proceeded to take photos of my car on the cliff edge to enter into the calender.
I left the FXT with the wife and kids.

It needs a new cargo bag. The Kanga is dead,
Changed the plugs on the '99.
Then drove it to the Subie stealer to pick up a LF brake caliper.
Then installed the caliper on the '03 and bled the lines.
Took my son to hockey practise in the '05.

Next weekend, the rear brakes on the '03!

Installed my Perrin adjustable rear sway bar and end links. They was sitting in my garage for 4 months!
handed the keys over to the new owner :(
Used it to get the pulley kit I ordered. That said I don't get why it's called a kit. The kit is one pulley. That's it. Made of aluminum ofc.
Which one did you get? I was looking at doing that. Let me know if you see/feel a difference...
Does going out for a drive in our unseasonable warm Oregon Fall weather count? :biggrin:


['07 FSXT MODding Journal] ['03 X MODding Journal]
^Yes. Isn't that the point of all this?:icon_wink:
Second oil change, first tire rotation, moonroof rattle fixed under warranty.
I put on the new plate and ditched the 30 day dealer tags.
I checked the oil and just stared at the engine. Wow!
Got my SPT oil cap, battery tie does, and 600k hid's. Going in this weekend.
Drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway in VA. Day 1 of 5.
parked in the garage for a few days:icon_frown: its to hard to drive after my surgery. Its much easier to drive my pick up.
Hauled all my suspension bits and pieces to the office now that the KYBs arrived...install everything Saturday.

Now how can I convince my boss to buy a car lift for a custom lighting fabrication shop? :lol:
^^Uh oh, what happened? I installed my Walbro finally...
Just a simple oil change (Motul 5W30). I swear I heard my Foz say "Ahhhhhh!"

Booty work

Removed the SUBARU, AWD, and 2.5XT from the rear.
Painted Forester and pillar AWD badges Semi-flat black.
Nite Shaded and clear coated the tails.

And also applied an entire can of Plasti-dip to the front grill - She's winter ready & looks a tiny bit tougher to boot.
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