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What did you do to your subie today?

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Thought it would be fun to start a thread on everyday things we do here and there to our beloved Subarus. The weather is getting nicer, so I'm sure we will all be outside more tinkering on our cars.
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Today has been a busy day for me! Got my Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 tires in yesterday from Tirerack for the Sti and had them mounted and balanced today by a real cool guy off of Nasioc. If anyone wants his info in the PNW PM me. He runs a legit business out of his home doing tire stuff n such, for a really good deal. But let me tell ya, these tires are STICKY!!! They pick up gravel everywhere but they are SOOOoo nice! It feels like a different car

When I got back from joyriding the STi in it's new tires, I washed the Forester (for the second time this week) and finally got around to hand waxing it. Looks pretty, but boy is there a lot of bumps and bruises on it!

What did you guys do to the subarus today?? :biggrin:
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Took it to the dealer for it's 13000 mile service. Oil change, filters, tire rotation, etc.
This afternoon I hope to get it to the no-touch car wash, then home to clean the windows & interior.
Have a great 4th all, and please be careful!
Regards, Red
Is it safe to install blind spot mirrors on my new X Limited which has heated mirrors? What is the best brand? Has anyone else done this?
Defrosted and seasoned it.
I did the first oil and filter change at 1500 miles.
Got the mud off her from a trip to Talapas Lake and bought the blackberry bluetooth speaker phone to pair with my iphone. Works well once you find a quiet spot on the FM band.
Defrosted and seasoned it.

I washed mine, put $30 in the tank, and called it a day.
Drove it like I stole it to get home to start a 3 day weekend.
washed and waxed....and hooked up the trailer in preparation of a new motorcycle:woohoo: i heart you craigslist
I've put 972 miles on it since last Saturday and I'm about half way through the traveling. Gas mileage is right at 29mpg so far. One tank was solidly over 30mpg. :woohoo:
refilled the tank to do a mileage check. at a 1/4 I had driven 278.5 miles and most of that was with pulling the heavy lawn care trailer and that with several inclines on my routes.

Happy to report it has exceeded my expectations on towing the trailer.
Hauled a roll of garden fence in the back. It was like there was nothing back there(roll was small, weighed maybe 20 pounds)
cried and placed flowers in front of the bodyshop because i want my scooby back 3 weeks with a pt cruiser (even tho its a nice rental)
Washed and oil change.
DIY black headlights and removed the "forester sports" badge off the grill. Its not completely done yet but I consider it accomplished.
today i adjusted all my settings with the audio fitout and tightened the bolts that hold the seats in place

boring really...

drove it, and picked up some 05 STI BBSes.
1. Front "Home Depot" lip spoiler: Check.
2. New black center console (vs tan one): Check.
3. Auxiliary Hella Optilux 2500 driving lights behind grille: Check.
Is it safe to install blind spot mirrors on my new X Limited which has heated mirrors? What is the best brand? Has anyone else done this?
Perfectly fine. I have 2" parabolic mirrors attached to the lower outside corner on both sides. No problems.
Great for changing lanes & backing up. Got them @ Autozone, brand? I haven't a clue.
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