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2009 Forester X 4 A/T
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I removed the aluminum & 'carbon fiber' (plastic) shift knob installed last year (a $15 knock off of a Momo) and replaced it with a spiffy tall boy derlin cylinder shaped one from Manny, Moe and Jack ($30). Way more comfortable -but the real reason I changed shifter knobs again- even with loctite on the set screws-the metal SOB would vibrate and make noise.

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did this

A pallet of topsoil=60 bags...40lbs each.....maxed out the "rated" towing capacity.....It was slow going, and it made me want to upgrade my brakes!

lets just say my flower beds thanks but my back is saying F*ck you!
hahh damn dude! Yeah, I feel like upgraded brakes would be wonderful.

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Niice! I wanna autoX.

Today I installed some Dynamat (gonna buy Peel&Seal for the cargo)

Installed this:

And took some of these:

Hey man! it was a fun day of PBR, swaybar installin, curvy road floggin, photo shooting jamboree!!! Good times bro!
I dig that pic a lot!

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2004 STI 6MT (2005)
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>Replaced fog lights
>Replaced headlights with Xenon Super-White bulbs
>Un-tinted front windows
>Added strip of tint across windshield
>Installed CF hood scoop
>Added decals

Sorry for cell phone pics..

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2005 Lifted 2.5 XT 5-Speed MT Dual-Range
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Made a list of bits I need to fix/address/replace and it's not a short one.....

- Replace front and rear struts
- Replace front and rear springs
- Install lift kit (whenever I order one)
- Mount Yoko A/T to OEM Steelies
- Replace front wheel linings
- Replace mud-flaps
- Re-spray front and rear bumpers
- Remove drivers fog lamp and clean the mud out
- Re-mod my LED's in the headlamps (one of them died)
- Order new HID kit for fogs (mud ruined bulb and ballast)
- Order new A/C Condenser (mine seized)
- Replace all motor/drivetrain mounts/bushings
- Replace all suspension bushings
- Re-spray wheels (they're nicked up a bit)
- Retrofit HID's to light bar lamps
- Fit snorkel and water-tight engine (hehehe)
- Re-modify lamp mounting to roof basket
- Add rear-facing lamps to roof basket
- Re-spray grille
- Add LED lighting to interior for extra visibility
- Fab & test prototype engine/transmission skid plate from special PLASTIC???

.....and I'm sure there's more. Can't wait to actually get the $$$ for some of this stuff, lol. But it's on the "list". :biggrin:

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2009 Forester 2.5XL AT
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Yesterday: Drove up to and back from Redbank NJ for a Niece's First Communion. Killed a lot of insects on the way. My windshield is a mess.

Today: Hope to get in a wash and wax. Wish me luck, there are scattered showers predicted.

Done. Mats cleaned, interior dusted & vacuumed, exterior washed & waxed.
Of course it will rain tonight, but I don't give a ....

I know, no pics & it didn't happen. I guess I hallucinated the whole afternoon. Cool!

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2004 XT
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yesterday: picked up 4 used 255/40/18 azeni's for $100. Sold 3 255/35/18 star specs for 210(minus 108 to ship). Net =$2 and 1 tire. Enough tread to get me through this year, and the extra sidewall should be nice

today: 320 grit sanding on bumper

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13 Forester XT 4EAT
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After finally getting around to installing forester specific pinks and new struts, last night I installed kartboy sub-frame lock out bolts. Tomorrow the new 235/50 17 Bridgestone re 960 PP tires will go on and alignment will get done. Now that it's capable, nothing is holding me back from stage 3!

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2010 Forester
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First serious detail

It's been a full 10 days now since I drove my Subie off the lot. Time to make it look nice.

Wash. Everything.
Wax. Everything painted on the exterior.
Aerospace 303. Everything plastic, especially everything on the exterior.
Clean. Every glass got a liberal does of Invisiible Glass.
Dream. Hoping to find a few spare $$ to buy the Subtle 1" risers.

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