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What did you do to your subie today?

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Thought it would be fun to start a thread on everyday things we do here and there to our beloved Subarus. The weather is getting nicer, so I'm sure we will all be outside more tinkering on our cars.
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Today has been a busy day for me! Got my Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 tires in yesterday from Tirerack for the Sti and had them mounted and balanced today by a real cool guy off of Nasioc. If anyone wants his info in the PNW PM me. He runs a legit business out of his home doing tire stuff n such, for a really good deal. But let me tell ya, these tires are STICKY!!! They pick up gravel everywhere but they are SOOOoo nice! It feels like a different car

When I got back from joyriding the STi in it's new tires, I washed the Forester (for the second time this week) and finally got around to hand waxing it. Looks pretty, but boy is there a lot of bumps and bruises on it!

What did you guys do to the subarus today?? :biggrin:
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I ran it out of gas.

Really. On the freagin' interstate. Hadn't done that in 20 years. Had to wait on roadside assistance to show up with gas.

[Sorry deathsled]
*hangs head in shame*
ordered Subaru owner badge with camping and outdoor sports, got her base stickers, set some money aside for 1" lift and skid plates
rubbed protectant on recently installed passenger side mirror, on the black triangle part that attaches to the door/gusset. while waiting for my friend to show up with her dogs to go hiking... there's always something to do for the car. =)
Yesterday, finally wired up the XM receiver, and added an AUX cable and 12v plug to the pop-up bin.

Tonight, picking up my wheels with a fresh set of these installed:

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Ordered new rims so i can swap out the factory 15's with the winter rubber. 17" XXR 522's they are on back order but that gives me a couple weeks to pick bottles so i can afford some rubber for them...hahaha
Inspired by this thread (which I only discovered this morning); I have washed our Forester for the first time in weeks, emptied the boot which was turning in to an extention to my shed and used an axe to remove the outer lining from the rear silencer!
She has not left our driveway today.
Started taking the rear panels out in wake of the audio upgrade.
Installed my STI rear sway and custom LLWS!
washed the XT then drove it 400 miles and hate the damn gas mileage. its hard seeing a 10mpg loss
Repacked two of the four STI struts I got for FREE! installing saturday morning :banana:

And when I finish: :Banane35:
Hey Steve, miss you brother!

any how, Stella got her boot cleared out and repacked with the tent, tarp, etool, smoky joe, chair and cooler, headed up to Bishop, CA for a little camping this weekend
A bird pooped on my door handle......
I was like ZoMGWTF! How does I get in my caR nao!!!!1??/ :bacon:
Today ? I got mine from the dealer :)

A 2011 2.5x touring... I already love it ! :) :rock:
hosed her off, bought clay and wax for tomorrow
Sold my sports grill that made my foz look so baller.

Decluttered the tailgate of tool, oe springs and crap! Hopefully the reduced weight decreases my saggy butt.
Today ? I got mine from the dealer :)

A 2011 2.5x touring... I already love it ! :) :rock:

While I didnt do anything to my FXT, my STi just had a major suspension upgrade.

Spent the day at Turn In Concepts and had the following installed.

Tic SST coilovers
MSI trailing arms
Bushings: All of them on the back end.
DMS Motorsport camber plates

After a day of install and setup the car feels awesome! I think more of you guys need to get this setup. ;)

Front camber -2.3 per side
toe 0
caster +6
Rear camber -2
toe 0

No more saggy butt!

So pretty...


Trailing arms by MSI

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^That **** is beautiful bro. It was fun hanging out yesterday!
Had a friend drop mine of at the shipping company today. It wont be at me new home till 18 May :(
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