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I would probably steal your XT too if the only other option was Hybrid. =)
It was what she wanted, I wanted to buy her the last model LGT Wagon.

1. Today is exactly 4 weeks since I bought my Forester and joined the Subaru community. (But it took 3 weeks and 6 days to get the title.)

2. I went to the DOT and finally got the title transferred and got my plates.

3. Ordered the last remaining 1" lift kit from Subtle Solutions.

4. Received the cargo area tray I won on eBay for 19.99.

5. Enjoyed Keith Urban on my newly-installed stereo on the way home.

My wife still hasn't driven my Subie since I got it. I'm afraid to let her, because I fear she won't give it back!
Smart Man, put off her driving it, or do what my buddy did with his EVO when his wife wanted to take it out, hook up the tuner and make it run just bad enough to discourage her interest (but not enough to hurt anything).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts