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What did you do to your subie today?

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Thought it would be fun to start a thread on everyday things we do here and there to our beloved Subarus. The weather is getting nicer, so I'm sure we will all be outside more tinkering on our cars.
(if this is a repost, please delete it)

Today has been a busy day for me! Got my Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 tires in yesterday from Tirerack for the Sti and had them mounted and balanced today by a real cool guy off of Nasioc. If anyone wants his info in the PNW PM me. He runs a legit business out of his home doing tire stuff n such, for a really good deal. But let me tell ya, these tires are STICKY!!! They pick up gravel everywhere but they are SOOOoo nice! It feels like a different car

When I got back from joyriding the STi in it's new tires, I washed the Forester (for the second time this week) and finally got around to hand waxing it. Looks pretty, but boy is there a lot of bumps and bruises on it!

What did you guys do to the subarus today?? :biggrin:
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^^ Washed mine too after the muddy "incident" yesterday. :biggrin:
^^ Bacon.

As for what I did to my Subie today, I parked it in the garage, awaiting to be torn down to find out why I'm getting a freaking P0011 and P0021 code (over-advanced intake timing on both banks). Time to check the timing which is a PITA if you ask me.
....found out that my timing belt jumped 2-3 teeth via the crankshaft sprocket. :yell: Now I have to spend 4 hours re-timing the damn thing. AHHHH!
Drove around and getting the feeling that I might need to re-check my timing on my recent timing belt adjustment......feels like I have about 80% of the power I used to have, and still have an odd intake noise. :mad:
^^ Repairs? What did it need?

I, on the other hand, drained BLACK transmission fluid from my Foz today. Yeah, a sort of a "kick-in-the-balls" moment for sure.....I'm just hoping since it didn't smell in any way burnt that I possibly dodged a bullet.

**crosses fingers**
^^ Doubt it. I'm sure if that liquid mud got in there, it would have destroyed the tranny immediately. No grime came out, just black fluid (which wasn't burnt either, smelled better than the new stuff even) :shrug:
Made a list of bits I need to fix/address/replace and it's not a short one.....

- Replace front and rear struts
- Replace front and rear springs
- Install lift kit (whenever I order one)
- Mount Yoko A/T to OEM Steelies
- Replace front wheel linings
- Replace mud-flaps
- Re-spray front and rear bumpers
- Remove drivers fog lamp and clean the mud out
- Re-mod my LED's in the headlamps (one of them died)
- Order new HID kit for fogs (mud ruined bulb and ballast)
- Order new A/C Condenser (mine seized)
- Replace all motor/drivetrain mounts/bushings
- Replace all suspension bushings
- Re-spray wheels (they're nicked up a bit)
- Retrofit HID's to light bar lamps
- Fit snorkel and water-tight engine (hehehe)
- Re-modify lamp mounting to roof basket
- Add rear-facing lamps to roof basket
- Re-spray grille
- Add LED lighting to interior for extra visibility
- Fab & test prototype engine/transmission skid plate from special PLASTIC???

.....and I'm sure there's more. Can't wait to actually get the $$$ for some of this stuff, lol. But it's on the "list". :biggrin:
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Currently in progress of RE-RE-RE Timing the damn engine, AGAIN! I'm beginning to think my tensioner is not tensioning.......AND I ordered a belt guide from a MT version for above the crankshaft sprocket as it seems it keeps wanting to slip a tooth or two a few days after I fix it.
Drove it around.

Fooled around a little bit off-road.

Was waived down by a man stuck in a lifted GMC Jimmy to give him a ride into town to get his buddies truck. Offered to pull him out and he said "Nah man, this little car won't pull it" .........5 minutes later his Jimmy was unstuck, and I climbed over the birm without scraping that he high-centered on. :biggrin:


On the way to the dog park, I decided to take the "off-road" way that has a series of steep hills that I can descend down. The dog park is next to the baseball fields, and there was a game with a LOT of people tailgating right at the bottom of this hill. My happy donkey came over the wrong hill that had a 4-foot drop at the very bottom. I was halfway down the hill when I realized this. Stopped....tried to reverse, but no luck. A quy shouted "Hope you have insurance on that thing!". Crap. Now everyone is looking (about 75 people). Rather than cowardly be pulled back up the hill, I did what any self-respecting man would do and built up an excessively huge ego to prove that I would not give in or surrender. :biggrin:

I soon noticed that if I plowed through huge mesquite bushes on the left about 20 feet, it was only a 2 foot drop. So, with about 75 people waiting for me to get stuck, I floored it, mesquite bushes exploding all over the front of the Foz, shortly followed by me slamming the car over the birm and hit the ground....and continued the 100 yards to the dog park like it was no big deal. The crowd cheered (probably because it looked ridiculous), but seriously, it was like that Outback commercial with the parade cheer. Never felt so proud. :icon_wink:

Got to the dog park and surveyed the damage, waiting to see a bent wheel, blown shock or something.......but nothing. Not even a scrape on the bumper. Seriously, these things can take a SERIOUS beating.
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Hauled 20, thirty pound bags of top soil INSIDE the Foz with the seats down, as well as the rest of the stuff (grass seed, some plants, shovels and rakes) on the roof basket. If I do my math right, we had over 800 pounds of stuff packed in there......and it did perfect (it was squatting a bit though) :biggrin: It's that time of the year for us southwesterners to baby our grass back to life.

Tomorrow (if it's not horribly windy like today), I'll be re-mounting my ripped-off light-bar (again), rewiring it, re-spraying the bumpers, re-attatch the rear bumper (long story, I'll explain later), and re-wire the fog lamps (and take out the driver's side one that is currently filled with mud. :icon_biggrin:
Drove it home, and noticed that it seems to be "missing" when I get on it. A VERY irritating thing to have happen, especially after I just went through hell for the past 4 weeks with timing issues. If it's another timing issue, I may blow a gasket (in my head).
I put an STi V5 engine into mine.
Pics or it didn't happen. :biggrin:
My freaking timing-belt slipped AGAIN another flipping tooth over the crank shaft sprocket. I replaced the tensioner, all the pulleys, AND the belt was new 10,000 miles ago. I'm just to pony up, get the new belt AND a belt-guide like the MT Fozzies have.
Man... that seems to happen every other day for you (kidding). :icon_sad: You think something else is causing it? I know you had a lot of "fun" with your engine after reading your journal. Maybe there is an underlying issue?

BTW the rear sway I got from you went on great!
Well, I'm thinking that when all that mud/pebbles got into the timing belt covers when it was submerged, the belt somehow got stretched (Because that's when it jumped 3 teeth), and that's when all of these problems started happening. (well, I guess one problem, just happens over and over :biggrin:). I'm a master to get to the timing belt though. 10 minutes and I'm to the covers, and it now takes me only 5 minutes to time it perfectly. :biggrin: I'll probably just cough up the $110 bucks for a new belt and pray that there's nothing else wrong.

And I'm glad to see you're happy with the sway bar, it was good to me, but not when off-road. :icon_wink:
Roommate decided it would be a perfect spot to put the trash can half way into my parking spot on the drive way......and I backed into it.......and it was full of heavy trash......which all scattered about the road. :mad:

Dented my liftgate, and I made him clean it up at 5am.

Whatever idiot city official decided that matte-black plastic is a good color for a freaking trash can is retarded.
Found out it's not my timing belt that is jumping.....something else is causing it to bog down when it's hot outside (because during our frigid nights, it performs fine.....for a little bit anyway) :mad:

MAF sensor probably.
Changed the oil for the upcoming move back to ABQ, NM. ugh...moving sucks.
Moving doesn't suck, moving to New Mexico sucks. :biggrin:
Used my Foz to help get a buddy get unstuck from what he called, a "ditch".......

(and yes, this is the same 4Runner from my "rock crawling" video)

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^^ No......not simply at all. There was a LOT of wheel spin and tugging. I got him about half way up where his side rails/fuel tank/etc. dug into the ridge, it was just dead weight and my car just spun the wheels. Almost though.

We ended up digging for about 4 hours, and by that time another buddy with a 4x4 Yukon showed up (which is the most pointless thing in the world....4x4 on a Yukon with the front bumper just 5 inches from the ground). But the MUCH MUCH heavier Yukon was able to tug him out after we dug out half the damn canyon he drove into. Literally, that ridge in the picture was cut down by half by the time we were done with it. He owes us many beers for it.
Just finished building a new sub woofer box that starts off the install of my new audio system after having the old stuff ruined by water damage.

Oh, and I just finished cleaning up the interior FROM all the water damage. Thread can be found here:
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