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What did you do to your subie today?

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Thought it would be fun to start a thread on everyday things we do here and there to our beloved Subarus. The weather is getting nicer, so I'm sure we will all be outside more tinkering on our cars.
(if this is a repost, please delete it)

Today has been a busy day for me! Got my Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 tires in yesterday from Tirerack for the Sti and had them mounted and balanced today by a real cool guy off of Nasioc. If anyone wants his info in the PNW PM me. He runs a legit business out of his home doing tire stuff n such, for a really good deal. But let me tell ya, these tires are STICKY!!! They pick up gravel everywhere but they are SOOOoo nice! It feels like a different car

When I got back from joyriding the STi in it's new tires, I washed the Forester (for the second time this week) and finally got around to hand waxing it. Looks pretty, but boy is there a lot of bumps and bruises on it!

What did you guys do to the subarus today?? :biggrin:
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Only thing I got to do is drive it and almost collide. Enough excitement for one day.
Damn all you guys and your coilovers!!! I'll just convince myself Im happy with my saggy a$$ wrx setup... :( lol!
put on a couple of lift blocks on the rear should do some good there. Ofc like everything else it costs money.
That sounds dirty. :lol:
Doh, I did not think of it that way. :lol:

Drove to this parking lot with a friend after work and... Learned to drive stick in her jeep!! : D
Dude, your a dirty man :raspberry:
Got around to finally take out my winter tires from the cargo area. clean them a bit and at the same time fast wash my car outside just so it would look a bit better. I know the foz is supposed to be dirty but I like it green and not all grey. :lol:
I changed from winter tires to my summer tires for a week ago. So I guess it was time to get them out of the car :biggrin:
^Nice looking car you got there Snoshado
Blue Fox. great story, Your my hero :lol:
Seriously I would love to see that :biggrin:
I installed my new Radio.. Pioneer AVH-P4200DVD!
Nice. I was going to buy that but I ended up buying the AVH-P3200BT instead.
Sweet! I got a good deal on one so it was too good to pass up. I'm waiting for the XM Module to come before I put the center console back together. Too much of a pain to take it back apart.
hehe. I'm still waiting for the HU to arrive. none in stock so I get it next month. But no problem. I have some changes that needs to be done before I can fit a double din player.
^It was you who bought the avh-p4200. right?
You like it?
I was going to get a friend of mine to change some gaskets because of oil leak.
Anyway we found out it would take alot of work so we decided to postpone it to later and just try to tighten the bolts. Then I notice this hose on the top and asked what it was since it seemed so loose. "that's the vent hose" then he reached for it and guess what. It was loose. :icon_eek:
It was just laying on top of the hose connection. That would make sense too because he said earlier that it was weird that I had oil on top of the cover instead of at the bottom.
So we put a hose clamp on it to make sure it don't come loose again.
I also changed the rad cap since I had a new one laying around. Lazy me.
And yesterday me and another friend added dynamat to the front doors.

So Now I have a full set of gaskets laying around that I don't need it seems. :lol:
Installed the new HU :woohoo:

Edit: The console looked like this before
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Changed the lower ball joints on the front today. Made some difference.
Firmer ride, it's not sloppy anymore, better steering feel. :woohoo:
Ordered new HU and SIRIUS tuner. Kenwood DPX503.
Just googled it. Looks like a nice HU :icon_cool:
yesterday installed a Curt hitch on my new to me 2001 Fozzy. was an easy job.

Today used the Foz to go mow 2 lawns, it pulled my trailer with a 1,200 pound mower with no problem.

only had it a few days now, going to take some time and look it over good and see if I can find out why the over head clock is not working. now to find the fuse
Your clock not working is most likely because of a connection on the print. If your a bit handy You can fix it yourself.
Thanks Elmy,that was the problem, got it fixed. I hated not having a clock in the Foz.
No problem. :Banane35:
Read the manual and checked the oil level and looked it over better. still learning it.
sadly the manual did not tell me what I was looking for? do all the Foresters with the autos seem to pull like the front wheels are doing the pulling? when I make a turn it wants to just about jerk the wheel out of my hand to go straight? is this normal?

I know my 5 speed 1990 legacy did not pull like this..

How do other Fozzys handle?
The auto got like 90% on the front wheels until slipping. If your not slipping and your car is almost jumping when trying to take a turn then it seems like your centerdiff is binding(yes I know it don't have one but I lack the name for it, transfer clutch?)
not really jumping it is smooth, just fights the steering wheel.
just wondered if this was normal.

it may just be the feel since you said the front is doing 90% of the pulling.
Hmm. Power steering problems....Anyone with mechanical skills should be able to help you. I lack all of it. :lol:
I did not do anything today. But I got a small package and I wondered what it was. Could not remember what I ordered until I opened it.
A new knock sensor for 30$ made in Turkey. Do I need a new knock sensor. I have no clue. :lol:
But for 30$ I thought it was worth buying. :biggrin:

Edit: Is there any point replacing a knock sensor if it's not throwing a code??
Hmm, back on topic, guys? The above discussion is one for the tech forums...
ops. sorry about that
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