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What Can I Do? Spun Bearing... Finding a Motor??

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Hi all
Thanks for any help. I just spun a bearing in my 2009 Forester XT at 122k.

I live in the Madison WI area and don't know where to turn to get back on the road. I'm open to higher performance mods or stock. Used engines are rare and not worth the risk without a good warranty. Anyone know where I can get a good replacement motor? I have a good mechanic who can do it, but what are my options?

I will really appreciate any help. I'd love to push it if I can get more performance/durability for a reasonable price.
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You can get a stock short block from heuberger or other online parts places like flat irons tuning. 1600-2100 bucks if recall. That motor you posted might or should work too but that’s a long block. You could save money by using all your parts on your current motor except the short block. Maybe send your heads to a Subaru specialist like ASF machine in grand junction CO to get reworked and put all the parts on the new short block.
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