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I'm open to higher performance mods or stock. Used engines are rare and not worth the risk without a good warranty. Anyone know where I can get a good replacement motor? I have a good mechanic who can do it, but what are my options?

I will really appreciate any help. I'd love to push it if I can get more performance/durability for a reasonable price.
How much performance do you want? The main driver will be turbo selection. A VF52 would be a turbo that can put you in the 280 whp range, and still maintain reasonable reliability. A bigger turbo from a vendor like Blouch can get you closer to 350 whp, at a somewhat reduced reliability. With either scenario, starting with a new shortblock and forged pistons would make for the best likelihood of success. To go the VF route will cost a couple grand or so (for turbo upgrade + supporting mods, not including engine rebuild), less if you can bargain hunt and turn your own wrenches. A good tune is required, don't cheap out there, figure about $500 just for the tune.
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