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Funny story.. I hAd to share...

My wife and I are looking for 98-02 subaru foresters recently...

I found a 98 black auto on craigslist in a2..nothing odd ann arbor has tons of subarus...
so I email guy and he gives me address.
I go to address and the guy I sold my black auto forester answers..LOL

car needsMAJOR interior cleaning,new drivers mirror and new windshield as well as pads and rotors...

as preventative maintenance I am gonna replace all fluids and including trans flush with filter, rear dif, flush out engine oil,head gaskets and timing belt as well as skid plate for the front and replace struts as well KYB GR2 with eibach pro kit springs.
Also looking for some bugeye wrx wheels..

I just thought how odd was this....

that is all

oh he was asking 2800 im buying it for 1500 and if my plan works correctly...1200
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