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Western NC 2004 Forester XT brembos, 2014 wrx wheels and new tires, 4eat, OEM hid's

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Im looking for local cash deals to start. If the items fit in a flat rate them Ill ship.

Please text with any questions

2004 forester with 242 on body and transmission but most everything else has been replaced. I recently found rust in the rear strut towers and got me contemplating this so here it goes. Its gonna be a full partout but im starting with brembos, 2014 wrx wheels and almost new nitto SN2 tires, OEM JDM hid lights.... just look at the list.

Id like to keep this mobile for at least a month as I need it to warm up before ripping it all apart. I have OEM replacements for items listed above so starting there.

$OLD Caruso motorsports Skid Plate
$OLD 2014 WRX wheels plus nitto sn2 oversized tires and quality spacer
$OLD JDM 4.44 Suretrac diff (amazing) $400

100% OEM JDM HID headlights with leveling motors $300
Grill $100
JDM Forester Sti aluminum arms $250 (has antilift kit build in from the factory)
Brembos with good rotors and new pads $700

Exhaust Turbo XS downpipe and HKS Hi-power cat back $350
2.5 Engine with all accessories, 160k miles runs like a top $1500
4eat with high mileage 242K but works exactly as expected. Ill warranty it for 30 days has almost new fluid, comes with converter and ill swap back the MPT center diff $400

Baja VCD center diff, Baja TCM and sport shifter conversion stuff $400
Walboro 255 $50
XT factory Struts $250
Rear H6 brakes, calipers, new rotors, brackets $125
OEM Dash pod plus nexus tablet $140

AEM Wideband $140 maybe 6000 miles
Front knuckles $75 each with good bearings
2014 Sti intercooler $200
Grimmspeed brake brace $75

Doors 50 per a door but will need your old ones. We can swap them on the spot
Tailgate 100 but Ill need your old one
Rear black leather seat $100
JDM sti rear pillowball / spherical lateral links $200
Group N Motor mounts $75
2006+ Sti pickup / oil pan $100 (COMES WITH MOTOR)

2008 STi Steering rack $200
vf39 with rebuild kit installed $400 (off car)
front turbo subframe 2004 $100 (off car)
2006 wrx rear subframe with t bar $100 (off car)
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What are the chances the downpipe will fit a SH FXT?
I know the catback will not work, was hoping the downpipe would match up close enough to SH catback.
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