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Went in for my 27000 oil change on my 2007 FSXT - got a tire rotation and air filter change too. When I left there was a rpm related whining noise and I immediately went back.
Somehow during the service process my power steering pump or connecting hoses where knocked and sucked air into the power steering system.
Apparently this is a known service issue - dealer's getting me a new power steering pump under warranty. They bled and refilled the lines - which didnt resolve the noise issue. Per the service dept they've had a similar issue with some STI's. The part hasn't arrived yet and I going into my 2nd week of grumbling...
After their initial attempt at solving the problem I now believe I'm running on a slightly lower level of power steering fluid. As noted by some other forum respondents - at low speed on tight turns there is a slight shudder feeling in the steering wheel.
I'm trusting the dealer's service dept for now.
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