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I've been coming in here to seek advise and learn from people.
I bought a New 2019 Forester in black, I went in there looking for a pre owned Forester or a Crosstreck.
Coming from a 2012 Honda Civic Sedan the Crosstreck felt like my civic on steroids for outdoor fun and more refined.
But I know i love Foresters. Specially the one that was at the dealer that day.
Ended up getting a New Forester.
I felt the Forester had better clearance since this one has a lift, also all terrain tires and Method Wheels.
Thule Cargo. The dealer put the mods, upgraded rear view mirror with compass. And All weather pack with the cargo folding cover as well.

I just wish Subaru would consider Fog Lights as a must on Forester's as they do with the Outbacks.
I mean Its called Forest er right ?

Anyways. I dont have tons of money nor income, but Im planning on little by little doing mods.
Light bar with fog lights and driving lights.
Mud flaps
Skid plate

That is it as far as i would go with mods. LOL

I love the outdoors, going off grid and just enjoy driving my Subby, Im really grateful and thankful to God for this. I mean Its a subaru.
This is my second subby. My first one was like 7 years ago, LL Bean Outback from 2006 used.

Thank you all in here for your feedback and support.


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@Tumbler Forester welcome to the forum from Oregon!

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