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A lot of reputable dealers will give at least a partial warranty for 30 days or so on their used cars. If yours specifically stated "As-is, no warranty" on the window sticker you might be sunk. Regardless, you should take it back to their service department for diagnosis and plead your case as a repeat customer to see if they can cut you a break.
MN does have a state warranty law for "X" number of days "X" number of miles, I do not recall what it is however.

May I ask what dealer?

What city are you in?

If you are in the **** Rapids(surrounding) area I would not mind taking a listen at a cold start to confirm.

The description sounds like piston slap, but internet descriptions can be very misleading.

EDIT here it is:
Minnesota (MN) Used Car Warranty Law - AUTOPEDIA® - The AUTOmotive encycloPEDIA

Subd. 2. Written warranty required. (a) Every used motor vehicle sold by a dealer is covered by an express warranty which the dealer shall provide to the consumer. At a minimum, the express warranty applies for the following terms:

(1) if the used motor vehicle has less than 36,000 miles, the warranty must remain in effect for at least 60 days or 2,500 miles, whichever comes first;

(2) if the used motor vehicle has 36,000 miles or more, but less than 75,000 miles, the warranty must remain in effect for at least 30 days or 1,000 miles, whichever comes first.
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