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2008 Forester Sports XT 5-speed manual
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Hello all,

I tried searching the forums but I didn't know what search term to use, or how to succinctly describe my problem.

I drive a 2008 Forester Sports XT, with 5MT. The mileage is around 73k miles and the clutch was replaced at 30k miles under warranty due to Hill Holder Failure (locked rear brakes in neutral).

I'm experiencing a weird sensation whenever I depress my clutch pedal, usually under braking, when I decelerate or come to a full stop. When I press down on the clutch pedal, during full travel to the floor, I feel as if there's a gap or "bubble" sensation. Is this something mechanical or has an air bubble formed in my clutch line?

I'll have the dealer look at it when I bring it in for my next service.

Thanks for the help,

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