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2013 Forester XT Premium CVT
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Weird issue when pairing my Galaxy Note 3's (mine & Boss's) to my 2013 XT Premium (Harmon-Kardon) bluetooth.

Both phones pair okay and the car will download the contacts lists okay and you can make & receive calls via the dialler on the Scooby's screen or by using voice command.

This works okay when car is in accessory mode or when engine is started and car is stationary.

But, as soon as you drive off (a few seconds later) the dialler disappears from the Suby's screen and you also can't make voice command calls.

If I stop at a set of traffic lights (for example) or stop in my driveway, a couple of seconds later the dialler re-appears, voice call commands work again and calls can be made/received via bluetooth.

This has got me stumped.

Any guesses as to a cause & solution would make me damn grateful.

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