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2005 Forester XS
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Hi All,

Thanks for the warm welcome the other day. After introducing myself here the other day and promising that I would upload pics of my trip and my 'new' car to the forum.. here goes.

Left from Durban (East Coast of SA) to go North up to the Hluhluwe (pronounced shlu-shlu-wee) Game Reserve about 3 hours -maybe less with a bit of a heavier right foot :icon_wink: - on Saturday morning in some pretty overcast weather, which meant there was going to be lots of mud. Stoked

Below are some pics with a comment or two and some detail on my car.

Its a 2005 Forester 2.5 XS 5MT - which over here means it has a few more features than the X version - like self-levelling shocks on the rear and a few more gadgets inside (6 disc cd etc etc) it also comes with the upgraded EJ253 engine over the EJ251 of the 2004 and prior. It isn't the XS Premium, which adds a sunroof and even more gadgets.. and it isn't the XT... obviously :wink:

It also comes with a Low Range, that (from what I read here) is not standard on the American 2.5XS??
And this car has had the cat(s) removed by the previous owner... who treated it like it was his most precious thing. It really is in MINT condition.

I have named it "Sumiko" :)

This car is a replacement of my 2005 Impreza 2.5RS (EJ251), which was great... but too much effort and a bit impractical when all is said and done.

ANY and all information or questions on this car are welcome :)
I have a few questions:
Firstly... my local dealership has some GREAT guys working there... but they don't seem to "know" stuff... like non factory parts and detailed specs of the cars, this mught be a common thing - but its frustrating. So, what I'd like to know is whether or not this car has a LSD read diff... and, if its possibly a yes or no - how do I tell... and also how does the Centre diff work?
Secondly - What are the rules surrounding off-roading given the above question... like having a wheel off the ground and applying the brakes lightly etc etc?

Just put some new Yokohama Geolandar G051's on (215/60 R16) and they are pretty awesome... comments welcome...

pics below.

Pic of the car in my garage at home...

some muddy yokohama's

Filling up after a short stint on a dirt road (at a Total garage)

more mud - near a watering hole in the middle of the bush

same watering hole - getting ready to picnic... The wife packed SOOO well ;)

...and again

FOTM practice... (the plates have changed already.. so steal them if you want!)

winding road in the game park looking out the windscreen

showing high range / low range... some muddy slops and my wife's feet

and lastly... a friendly giraffe through the window of a Foz

Thanks for a really great forum :)

2005 Forester XS
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thanks guys.
So am I correct then in saying that the US versions (MT) don't come with a low range?

Any knowledge out there on the rear LSD?
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