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Hi all,
Recently I changed the water pump with a new gasket(all genuine parts). According to service manual, I should tighten bolts in two stages: first 12N.m,second 12 N.m. I thought the second round was just double check.

Now I find coolant seeping from around the gasket, apparently the gasket was not tightened enough.

Did I understand the manual wrong? should I have tightened those bolts ANOTHER 12N.m in the 2nd round? so the final torque should be 24N.m?

The mating surfaces were carefully cleaned and the gasket was new and flat when installation. The torque wrench I used was a new digital one.

Any inputs appreciated


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The reason for the two times at 8.7ft lbs is as you make your round tightening the bolts some pressure is taken off the ones you started at as the gasket crushes and more bolts are taking the load(The first ones you did, may loosen up). The second pass brings them all to an equal torque of 8.7ft lbs.

Final torque is 12N.m(8.7ft lbs)
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