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Hello all:
For a while I′ve been searching for an aftermarket in dash GPS system, but did not like any of the double Din′s because of the "non OEM" look, and also because they can get stolen with relative ease.

Finally I found an OEM look GPS from a chinese manufacturer. They say installation process is "plug and play", keeping the original connectors and also keeping steering wheel buttons functionallity. It also packs a lot of features including Bluetooth conectivity, Ipod Integration, etc.

They build in-dash GPS for many Car Brands, even some rare models.

It seems amazing for my Subaru 09 Forester.

They offer USA, Canada and Europe Maps.

Another advantage is that address programing is not blocked when the car is moving (As in the OEM GPS).

It can also be upgraded with Digital TV, Reverse Camera etc.
Price is about u$ 500
What do you guys think ? :confused:

Their webpage is:


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Contact Crutchfield and Sonicelectronix

The stereo sucks, as we all know. I went to, and also found

You can fill in the year, model, etc., for the car, and have each website filter only what will properly fit in it. Sonic in particular has a lot of options down the left side of the page so you can zero in on what you want.

I'm not sure if one or both can ship to Singapore, but possibly.

Even if not, you can ask both of them Q's. Each responded in detail a few times, and you can get a dialogue going with each of them until you decide on what you specifically want.

I didn't want a GPS, but got Alpine speakers (600 model) and am getting a Kenwood HD545U unit for HD radio, etc.

They have a bunch of GPS/Nav receivers as well.

So, even if you can't buy directly from them, between those two websites and Q and A's back and forth you'll get great advice.

Note that you probably will need a Swi-Jack type of module (about US$70) if you want to hook up a Kenwood, Alpine, etc., to the steering wheel controls.

You need not get a double din, they sell adapter kits for the houing if it says it will fit your car.
Good luck!

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I'm also on the market for a new HU (actually came here to ask for suggestions when I found this thread :p )

Personally... I don't like the ones you linked. While the price is pretty nice here is what I would be concerned about (model QL-SBR302):
  • too many physical buttons for a touch screen
  • why is there an SD-card slot for maps?
  • the mic is built-in to the unit
  • something about it just looks cheap
  • how does it perform? (boot time and reaction to touch speed)

Personally I would't feel comfortable with that purchase until I saw more details around the unit it self.

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you can start with my install thread, I posted links there with other install threads as well. I have only seen one other with an alpine like mine, many people seem to be happy with the kenwood, jman and cuddles as well as nasaroq have extensive write ups on their installs, I basicly used their info to help me install my system.

I would give the following advice:
double din, once you have the big screen you will never want single din again. it is just so much nicer if you have ipods and sat radios as well. it is a lot more work, more wiring and probably more money but in the end if you take your time and do it right, the results will be superior.

pre-wire everything before you install, try to wrap the wiring together as much as possible so the install goes easier.

if you want extra things like bluetooth and sat radio, try to find a unit that has it built in, you may pay more but it will save you quite a bit of hassle.
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