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Want a larger clutch pedal

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Hello all,

I may sounds like a sissy or so for this, but I dont really care.

I find that when I drive my 2008 FXT with the manual that the clutch pedal has a small surface area and kinda digs into the bottom of my foot.

Now I have larger feet and that may make it worse and those with smaller feet may not notice, but as I drive the thing everyday its a small issue that has built up and I have not heard about it being talked about anywhere when I looked for it.

Is there any way to make the stock pedal larger thought using a bigger pedal attachment or replacement of the whole arm with one that is larger?

A larger pedal that doesnt dig into my foot is the goal, by any means necessary.
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Am I the only one this affects?

No one else wants larger pedals? Or know of anything I can do?
How about an STI pedal kit like this?


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Oh sweet man! Yea that looks good.

Sorry this is my first true manual car of my own, I am kinda new to all of this.
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