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2004 FXTi Stock
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WA - Ohlins perch mount struts | RCE Black Springs (SOLD)

Ohlins perch mount struts > (SOLD)

These are still in good working condition. Pistons are in great shape. What is nice is these can be rebuilt down the road.

They have about 50k on them.

I have RCE black springs that were married to these if you are interested.

I went with a 6-speed swap and went coilovers.

PN's > UOCOFR-04C, UOCOFL-04C, UOCORL-04C, UOCORR-04C (pics attached)

------------ --------------
RCE Black springs > (SOLD)

Used with the Ohlins perch mount

Other than some slight surface rust these are still good. (pic attached)


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