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This is an annoying and embarrassing issue with the nav system in my 2019 Forester Touring.

Start the car.
Press the Map button.
Map shows where I am on the screen.
Press the voice button on the steering wheel.
Say "find the nearest restaurant". (or anything similar)
Nav responds, "Voice destination search is not available in this country."

If I wait 5-10 minutes and search again, voice search works just fine.
It seems like it takes 5-10 minutes after starting the car for the nav system to realize where I am and allow voice searching.
This makes no sense to me since the map display clearly shows my location right away.
What if I had an emergency and needed to find a hospital right away? Sit there and idle for 5-10 minutes before it works?

Is this how the nav system works, or do I have an issue with my unit?
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