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Hello all,

Tuned200 and I will be vacationing on the Big Island the first week of March and need some help.

We are looking to get the best experiences possible on the following excursions

Whale Watching
Beginner Snorkeling

Also, we planning to do some hiking and would like to see some volcanoes.

Thanks for any and all tips.


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The Big Island is big. Where will you be staying? How many in your party?

Best bet for a luau is through the hotels and resorts. Any of the big names on the Kona side will have something decent.

Plenty of homes at the Volcanoes National Park for every experience level.

I think Hilo side had the best snorkeling but Kona has the more picturesque beaches.

I highly recommend the summit of Mauna Kea for the sun set. Head to the visitor station early to acclimate and give yourself plenty of time to make it to the summit before sunset.
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