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Hi. My Subaru Forester 2018 is a very basic model, so it does not have some features like auto lock, shock sensor and beep/horn/sound when the car is locked with the key remote. I think that an aftermarket alarm system may be the easiest (and most cost-effective) way to get these features. I don't want fancy stuff like remote start, 2-way remote, smartphone app, etc.

I'm thinking about a simple 1-way alarm like the Viper / Avital 3100LX (can find it in Amazon for $32). I want to prepare ahead of time for the installation (which I plan to do myself). Anyone has experience with this installation that can point me to a good installation guide, wiring diagram, etc.? I want to get to learn the easiest way to get to all the necessary wires. Door ajar, lock/unlock actuator, power, truck open/close actuator, ...

I'm also open to other alarm system suggestions. I have not ordered the alarm yet.

Thanks in advance!
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