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2004 XT
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well as some of you know this xt has been passed around and I am not the third board member to own this car. Each member has put a little something of their own into it.

so here is how I bought the car from rick

fpgreen, ewg, sti take off suspension

I drove it for a while and loved it even with the ewg which is ridiculously loud. it was fast as hell and quite a bit different as you can imagine from my stage 2 silver fxt. The first mod I made to it was to swap all my suspension bit over from my silver xt to my new one

well now that the car handled like I was used to an xt handling i was as happy as a pig in mud until the day when my waste blew a a gasket and the car became REALLY loud. I had it towed to IAG and figured to myself while they are up fixing that area why not swap to a bigger turbo. so on went the blouch dominator 4.0 along with some tgv deletes, aps 3 in hard inlet, and some kstech 8mm phenolic spacers.


now once the turbo was installed I got a nice protune from the master himself jorge carillo(riftswrx on nabisco) and the car is ridiculously fast now.
here was my dyno chart

So after cruising around with that set up for a while with a mixed bag of emotions. the IWG was nice as it wasn't as loud for daily driving but the dom4 wasn't the best turbo in terms of usable power. So after I had a slight mishap and lost a piston we decided to build the block. so of to IAG it went to undergo quite the transformation(pics in next post). while the engine was out I decided to trade the ppg 5 speed for a 6 speed

so hear are the mods as it sits

09 sti nitride coated crank
manley pistons
manley rods
acl coated main and rod bearings
kelford 272/272
arp head studs
multi angle valve job
IAG CAI part of rotated kit
DW 1100cc top feeds with perrin rails
IAG TGV deletes
KS tech TGV weldess block off plates
Tial vband housings around garret bb 35r .82
IAG rotated downpipe, w/ wbr catback
Tial q bov
Tial 44mm EWG
Grimmspeed ebcs
Grimmspeed 160 degree thermostat
WBR fmic
IAG oil catch can

06 sti 6 speed w/ swapped r160
exedy twin disk
kartboy sti short shifter
wc lathe works 6 speed copolymer w/ grooves
kartboy front and rear shifter bushings
Ingals adjustable tranny mount

bc racing 8k/6k coilovers w/rear extenders
perrin 22mm rsb w/ hd mounts
sti pink lateral links and trailing arm

09 sti brembos F& r not yet installed

winter - rota tarmac 2's w/ hankook ipike
summer - Hyperblack Linea Corse Lemans 18x10+30 w/ 255/35/18 star specs
fenders rolled and pulled by IAG

CDT Components front and rear. entire car has been raammatted
Plastidipped center console
Subtle Solution ashtray gauge cluster uninstalled( better know as the toddpodd)
Subtle Solution hvac knob overlays
JDM hazard button
Redline goods black alcantara w. red stiching shift and ebrake boots and matching armrest cover
Evo MR black alcantara recaros w/ sparco brackets
05 wrx wagon all black rear seats(waiting on install)
06 sti steering wheel(not installed)

Garage xti hood dampers
Original Carbon Designs red carbon fiber battery cover
Kartboy Battery Tie down

IAG open house with marc, brian, and todd

want list:
i want a jdm front end
i wanna eventually swap the r160 to an r180 and do some driveshaft shop conversion axels
I want a kstech hood scoop delete
I want defi gauges

ideas, comments, advice are all welcome!!!!!

2004 XT
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18x8.5 rota svn full royal sports bronze
255/35/18 dunlop star specs
suspension is sti spec bc racing coilovers

kartboy batter tie down
original carbon designs optima red carbon batter cover(should have the alternator cover and radiator shroud coming soon

2004 XT
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engine and tranny are out

getting ready to put the 6 speed in

yay 6 speed finally arrives from chicago. short a starter, crossmember, and has a 5 speed shift knob on it

meanwhile in the engine room

09 nitride coated sti crank

manley pistons

manley rods

engine assembly

engine assembled

stay tuned for the turbo kit fabrication and fitting

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2004 FXT '05 6mt r180 Carbonetics 1.5w lsd
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Impressive power! Any idea what it does on 93 pump?
With that much power, you may want to put pistons on your list first as a precaution.

2004 XT
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bc's are nice for an entry level coilover. the adjustability of both ride height and stiffness is nice. went with the option rear extenders which come in handy when adjusting the rear.

they are sti fitment

my 93 numbers are on the graph 363/342. building the block is def. on my to do list but there is no need for it if I don't get summer tires since I won't be running my 109 tune on the snow tires at the dragstrip:)

06 forester xt 07 sti 6 speed
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Soooo nice! Its been passed down and made better every step of the way! What a nice heritage. And with that power, I wouldn't say Brembos are overkill, more like necessity for survival!
Very nice.

2004 XT
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so a little pics i know I suck
I blew my engine and it is now out and split open. Pistons look good but there is a little unnecessary wiggle in connecting rod #1.

so after a long debate with myself on what to do I decided to rebuild this block but with a little forged internal goodness for peace of mind(and a little fun)

the build list looks like this:
Manley pistons
Scat rods
acl rod and main bearing
oem crank
arp head studs
kelford 272 cams.

since everything is apart now I figured on upgrading the turbo to something that has a much more useable power since my dom4 hit spool around 5200 rpms. So I am going with the IAG V-band 35r turbo kit. Due to the thirst of this new turbo my current injectors won't be big enough so i am upgrading them as well to a set of DW 1100cc top feeds and some perrin fuel rails.

the kit includes a garret 35r with Tial v-band housing with the exhaust housing measuring I believe .82. Also included is the tial 44mm ewg which I will more than likley have rerouted back into the downpipe.

for those who read my for sale post I am also attempting to swap out my ppg 5 speed for a 6 speed for a little less leg work out in the stop and go traffic that i face hear between the baltimore and DC beltways. I have found someone on nasioc who is willing to trade and we are working out the details now.

I have also picked up a few items that are gonna make the interior a little more comfy but ill document those later once all this other stuff is done.

so cliff notes: car towed to IAG with blown motor, dom4, 5spd ppg, car will leave IAG with built motor, 35r and 6 speed swap

stay tuned as IAG has told me they will take some pics for me of the rebuild so I will post them as I get them

2004 XT
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At first I thought you were trying to spell "crap" in the title.

I'm really digging the CF battery cover, where did you get it from?
i post up a 500hp new engine build and you comment on a 2 month old battery cover:confused:

anyways a local nasioc vendor O.C.D. (original carbon designs) makes them both for stock and optima batteries in 5 different colors. he is almost making me an alternator and radiator covers to match

stock style thread

optima style thread
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