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Welcome to the vendor review forum! In order to make it easy to find information on any specific vendor and ensure fairness for all parties involved, please adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Before posting, please use the search function to see if a review thread already exists for the vendor you want to post a review on. If there is one, please add your review to the existing thread. If none exists, feel free to start a new thread. Multiple threads on the same vendor will be merged.

2. If starting a new thread, please put the name and location of the vendor/dealer (or URL for online businesses) in the title of your review thread.

3. This forum was created to help others decide if they want to do business with specific companies based on other members' experiences with them. Please post only first-hand, factual accounts of your experiences. If, for any unfortunate reason, you must post a negative review, please be calm and professional about the matter. Rants and raves with little or no account of the facts surrounding the problem may be deleted.

4. Share your experience publicly - this is the very point of having this forum. Do not post cryptic reviews like "PM me regarding my experience with vendor XYZ" or "XYZ sucks, contact me to find out why." Statements like this benefit no one and are subject to deletion.

5. Please keep non-constructive replies to a minimum. Comments like "sorry to hear it" or "that sucks" do nothing to help reach a resolution or assist members in forming an opinion regarding a future purchase.

6. Do not post copies of PMs, emails, or letters containing private contact information (names, email or IP addresses, phone numbers, street addresses, etc.) in this forum.

7. If at all possible, follow up on a negative review and let us know if your problem was resolved to your satisfaction.
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