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Variable Valve Timing

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question: how do i determine if my subaru has variable valve timing(avcs)?

particulars: 2005 EJ253 naturally aspirated, SOHC, car manufactured date 07-21-2004.

reason: buying a new motor. motor vendor stated that later production 05 foresters have avcs. I called Subaru and they couldn't answer. I've scoured the internet and this forum for hours and have not found an answer as to how to determine if my forester does.

if this subject has been accurately covered, i apologize, and please direct me accordingly. I am not interested in converting my setup in either direction. I'm looking for a straight swap engine. Thus the need to determine which engine i have so i can purchase the direct replacement.

thank you.
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@surlybob79 the '04 XT with DOHC first got the AVCS. No AVCS on the nonturbo SOHC engine. This continued in the '05 model year. :wink:

More poop on this can be found here on - 2005. Scroll down to "2005 Forester Specifications".


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* fine print: These webpages are 100% unofficial and by Joe Spitz who is solely responsible for content.
these pages may contain errors so check with your dealer, parts supplier, mechanic, spouse/so/kids, current or ex inlaws, insurance agent, astrologer and the family pet before making any decisions. All information subject to change and correction

This is my favorite part. But also why i thought i would ask the question. i have been down a rabbit hole of identifying vvt system by cam sprocket cover bulge before. lol. Generally in my experience i have found there to be a solenoid or sensor and wires to ECU for control of such units. Those are absent on my engine. But i know subaru has their own way of doing their own things! And i have my own way of missing things. I hadn't heard that there was avcs on SOHC prior to 2006 on EJ25's, so when the vendor said it was on late production 05 models, i was stumped.

thanks for help 2.5x_sleeper! wish i knew how to @ you!
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@surlybob79 that cars101 website is unofficial, but is very good & I refer to it often. I seem to recall Joe Spitz works for a dealership. Besides, everything you read on the interweb is true! No? :wink:

The '06 SOHC has AVCS, so it's possible that late '05 could also have this. Even possible the early '06 SOHC may not be AVCS! The VIN should ID when the engine was manufactured.

@ + user name = mention. :wink:


['07 FSXT MODding Journal] ['03 X MODding Journal]
@2.5x_sleeper Thanks for the help again. Joe Spitz' list is the most comprehensive i have seen. and i didn't doubt it. but generally I'm a consensus type over authoritarian type. His list referenced on this forum is how i found the forum.

and of course everything on the ole inter web is true!

engine ordered last night.
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