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Vapor canister: replacing the onboard vent solenoid

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Hi All,
This is my first posting here. Please be kind! :)

I've got the dreaded P0447 check engine light. The code indicates a problem with the vent solenoid. Apparently starting in 2005 they moved the solenoid onboard the vapor canister. A friend helped me remove it from the canister (it wasn't difficult), and in the process he broke off the part containing the electrical leads. So if the solenoid wasn't the problem before, it is now! :)

Anyway I went looking online to try and find a replacement but wasn't able to. The only solenoids that show up are the older, external type that have a flange so they can be mounted to the underbody. Long story short, I'm guessing that although the solenoid is removable, it's not meant to be replaceable. And if that's so, I need to buy a new canister. Can someone confirm that? I'm attaching an image of the (damaged) solenoid.



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