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I'm considering on using wheels that are 1" in diameter smaller for the following reasons:

So far, based on what I could find, it appears that 12.7mm change in radius would not affect alignment. (it would affect speedometer by 3.4%)

I read that number one concern would be scrub radius. Based on my (back of an envelope) calculations I should use rim with 3-4mm higher offset to keep the scrub radius the same (use wheels with 50-53mm offset). My calculation was based on assumption that struts are angled at about 25deg.

What I don't want is handling, alignment or tire wear problems. I see a lot of benefits in changing the wheel size and I'm curious if anyone has done (on earlier models perhaps) it and to what effect?
I want a handling report on this... I've got a set of winters from my SH I'm thinking of throwing on, but would like to know handling difference (I could deal with the 3+% odo screw up, but want to be safe this winter).
1 - 1 of 13 Posts