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Upstream O2 sensor ripped out - how to replace?

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Somehow my upstream O2 sensor seems to have gotten caught on my axel and ripped out. The housing on the upper connection is broken and one of the pins was stripped off its wire (the other 3 are still attached). The sensor itself is still plugged in, but I figure I'll replace it since it's been a while. But when I search for O2 sensors, I'm coming up with plenty of options for the parts I have, but not what I need to replace. How do I go about finding the male connector for the top where the sensor plugs into the rest of the engine? And how do I know which wires go where? I still have the one pin that got stripped, and can rewire it. But what order do they go in and how do I find their casing replacement?
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My initial advice would be to contact Jackie (SubaruPartsGirl) Annapolis Subaru:

I'm sure Jackie can help you with the parts and they look after forum members.

Matching the O2 sensor can be tricky as there are a few that fit but won't work!
@Reenieredhead if the engine compartment bulkhead connector was damaged, your best option may be to source one from an auto recycler or wrecking yard.

When you source this part, get a length of chassis wiring harness attached. When you have that, you'll know how the connector is pinned. :wink:

If you don't have access locally to an auto recycler or wrecker, you could contact parts sellers on eBay to see if they have what you need. Most will setup an auction for you if they have the part to sell.

I attached wiring diagram below for the '03-'04 NA.


['07 FSXT MODding Journal] ['03 X MODding Journal]


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