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Does anyone know the part number for the upgraded WRX rear wheel bearing for a 2001 Forester? (search has not revealed anything recent on this)

I've been quoted £572 to get both bearings replaced at a dealer using the new type WRX bearings, but I can do it myself for an investment in tools of £200 - which will pay for themselves anyway as I have a small fleet at home.

I can get bearing kits from my local motor factor for less than £50 per side, which I guess would be ok, but I'd like to see if I can get the upgraded ones a bit cheaper than the £97.50 per side the dealer is quoting.



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Parts required:-

28044AA001 Nut Driveshaft End
28015AA050 Oilseal-Outer Rear
28015AA100 Oilseal-Inner Rear
28015AA110 Oilseal-Inner Rear
28016AA030 Brg-RR Wheel (Taper Roller)
28035AA040 Snapring-Rear
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